September’s Book Of The Month – The Mysterious Case Of Inkor Squidvinsky

There’s a mystery beneath the waves… Someone has stolen seven notes from Inkor Squidvinsky’s Saltwater Symphony, and the first performance is tonight! In The Mysterious Case of Inkor Squidvinsky, a curious crime and creative compositions combine in this wonderfully motivating book that explores stepping and skipping with young piano students.

With a mystery to solve, this book offers a captivating experience for the sleuths in your studio. The music is intriguing and educational, and the game-based detective work offers opportunities to reinforce keyboard awareness at every turn of the page.

The seven early-elementary piano pieces in this book are designed to isolate stepping and skipping patterns in G position and are paired with enjoyable teacher duets… wonderful for in-lesson fun and perfect for first recital performances.

So, grab the music and a crime-fighting kid… because there’s a mystery to solve and piano students to inspire!

See a flip-through preview of this book here.

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