November’s Piano Book of the Month – Robots Can’t Rhumba

Report card day would come and go; he’d gaze at all the A’s. But every time a ‘D’ in gym would cause him great dismay.

“Can’t touch his toes,” the teacher wrote; for Alex, this was true. Nuts and bolts don’t bend like that… What could a robot do?

Will hip hop help his hamstrings? Will salsa stretch his spine? Prepare to power up the fun as Alex heads out on a journey of “accidental” dance class adventures to improve his flexibility and earn that ‘A’.

Robots Can’t Rhumba is an interactive, story-based resource that offers an entertaining introduction to accidentals. The seven piano pieces in this book target the sharps and flats most commonly found in elementary-level repertoire.

Elementary-level piano students will bust a gut as they explore the concept-focused repertoire needed to bolster their comfort levels with sharps and flats.

Don’t blame Alex if fits of laughter cause musical malfunctions in your studio!

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