November’s Book Of The Month – The Accidental Adventures of Half-Step Henry

When an accident-prone hedgehog enters the piano studio, a comical adventure is bound to occur!

Join Henry T. Hedgehog as he takes your young piano students on a laugh-out-loud journey, bumping and crashing his way through a lesson on accidentals. Sharps, flats, and naturals commonly encountered in both C and G position are explored in this step-by-step format that you can use as a first introduction to accidentals or as a tool to reinforce this important concept.

Take away the trepidation many kids experience when playing accidentals by using an unforgettable resource that will have your young piano students reading sharps, flats, and naturals with ease.

Featuring engaging illustrations, a step-by-step scaffolding approach, and hilarious dialogue, this book will have your students begging to turn the pages and find out what kooky trouble Henry will get into next.

Are your piano students ready to do the Hedgehog Happy Dance with Henry? Take a step back (his quills are sharp!) and enjoy!

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