May’s Book Of The Month – Castaway Kip And The Magical Motives

After being locked in the grips of a raging, stormy sea, Castaway Kip awakens on the sands of a deserted island, shipwrecked and alone… or so he thinks.

Kip quickly discovers that a host of kooky island characters have swiped his sailing gear. If he ever hopes to leave the island, Kip must use his composing creativity to rescue his wreck, rebuild his ship, and set sail for home.

Castaway Kip and the Magical Motives has the memorable characters, engaging illustrations, and creative music that teachers need to capture the imaginations of their piano students, giving them the tools and the motivation required to compose seven original piano pieces.

Designed to make music creation fun and accessible for your elementary-level piano students, this book is a simple-to-follow, step-by-step resource that will take you and your students on a rollicking adventure into the world of composing music.

Check out a flip-through preview of this book here.

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