March’s Book Of The Month – How To Rock Your First Recital

Piano recitals can be intimidating. As students get older and become more self-aware, convincing them to participate in recitals can be challenging.

With a little coaxing, young children can be convinced to participate in recitals. With a little more coaxing, pre-teens can be convinced to participate in recitals. And with a lot of coaxing, teens can be convinced to participate in recitals.

But, there is one group of piano students that can be extremely resistant to performing in public… older beginners!

And who can blame those older beginners? Piano repertoire in early elementary piano books is not written for older beginners. The already-intimidating piano recital environment becomes absolutely terrifying when an older beginner must perform “The Pretty Palomino” or “The Angry Aardvark”.

But we’re about to take the terror out of piano recitals for older beginners. “How To Rock Your First Recital” is the performance-based repertoire your older beginners have been waiting for! With the 7 pop-rock, teacher-student duets in this book, your early elementary pre-teens and teens (and even your young ones who love to jam!) will be begging you to let them rock your recital.

So, if you have an upcoming recital and a student who needs a little participation persuasion, grab this book and let the music provide the motivation.

Check out a flip-through preview of this book and listen to audio samples here.

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