June’s Book Of The Month – Duets For Me and My Not-So-Musical Mates, Volume 2

Do you want your students to be invested in their piano lessons?… Then you need to tap into the “friend factor”! Positive musical experiences with peers is one of the best ways to increase student motivation. But how do you involve friends who don’t know how to play the piano? With this book!

Duets For Me And My Not-So-Musical Mates, Volume 2 is full of powerful pieces for your students and simple accompaniments for their “not-so-musical mates”. Thinking of hosting a Grandparent Participation Day, offering a Bring-a-Friend Lesson or involving family members in a recital? Here’s your planning, done!

And if you’re simply looking for motivating, multi-level teen music, the pieces in this book will work wonders as standalone solos.

Check out a flip-through preview and listen to audio samples from this book here. 

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