July’s Book Of The Month – The All-Over Adventures of Kelzo Keys

Kelzo lived on Planet Trib, she called that place her home. Craters, fields and lava lakes were only hers to roam. With that space she saw no point in picking up her trash, so she’d simply toss it out with manners that were brash.

It isn’t long before Kelzo needs to abandon Planet Trib and set off to find a new planet. But will she discover one that feels like home? The All-Over Adventures of Kelzo Keys is an interactive, story-based piano resource that offers an entertaining first introduction to playing “out of position”. Your students will be over the moon as they experiment with simple hand movements, delving into the outer limits of their developing keyboard awareness.

The seven elementary-level piano pieces in this book are preceded by comic-based story pages where “out-of-position”practice exercises follow sets of illustrated frames, allowing students to play along as a teacher reads the tale.

The hands of your piano students will fly through space as they explore the concept-focused repertoire needed to bolster their comfort levels as they move beyond position based music.

Check out a flip-through preview of this book here

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