February’s Piano Book of the Month – With Celtic Courage

The teenage years are a time when rules seem made to be broken… when the need for individuality is at its height, and when the desire for relevancy is strong.

And it is in these years that your repertoire choices for teen students are crucial.

A correctly-selected piano piece that includes opportunities for improvisation will inspire your students to practice with intensity. Using self-expression as a motivator, you can then hone in on the specific pedagogical concepts your teens need to progress as pianists.

But where do you find inspiring teen repertoire with opportunities for improvisation?

Enter With Celtic Courage. The 7 thrilling, celtic-themed piano pieces in this book will strengthen your students’ comfort levels in 6/8 time while giving them measures of opportunity to make creative melodic decisions. With simple left-hand accompaniments, repeating patterns, accessible key signatures, and predictable formats, these pieces will encourage your teen piano students to escape into improvisation and make each piece their own.

Do your teens have the courage to break free from the page? With this book they’ll discover their inner creative musicians that have been waiting for a moment to shine.

Check out a flip-through preview and listen to audio samples from this book here.

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