December’s Book Of The Month – My Sight Reading Superpower: Time Traveling in G Position

There’s a music thief on the loose, and he’s wreaking havoc in composers’ studios around the globe! With an ability to travel through time, the thief has proven extremely difficult to apprehend. The International ScoreSafe Organization has issued an appeal for assistance and placed all musicians on high alert.

Turn your elementary-level piano students into sight-reading superheroes with a resource that transforms sight-reading into a game-based experience.

Designed to focus on sight-reading skills in G position, this book provides the activities and music you need to raise your students’ sight-reading abilities to heroic standards. With a strong focus on note reading, rhythm, articulation, and dynamic accuracy, My Sight-Reading Superpower is the motivating resource your studio superheroes have been waiting for.

Banish boring sight-reading instruction from your lessons and take your piano students on an action-packed adventure!

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