August’s Book Of The Month – K-Crew And The Urban Keys

The first five minutes of a piano lesson are critical. If you can capture the attention of a student in the first five minutes, the rest of the lesson will be a breeze.

Too often, however, piano lessons are anything but breezy… because the first five minutes are composed of mundane, boring, technical warm-ups.

But that’s about to change! K-Crew and the Urban Keys and its 18 rockin’ lead sheets will infuse energy into your studio as your kids kick off their lessons with our pop/rock piano music. The first five minutes of piano lessons will go from dull to dynamite as your students have a blast improving their finger flexibility, hand extensions and finger speed.

Let K-Crew and the Urban Keys get your late-elementary piano students in the groove with an inspiring blend of improvisation and creativity that only leads sheets can deliver.

Check out a flip-through preview of this book here. 

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